DFN modelling is rapidly growing as a vital means of extracting the full value from costly borehole investigation data to mitigate uncertainties related to the frequency and size distribution of natural fractures that can significantly impact the safety, productivity and economics of deep mining, geothermal, and oil & gas projects. Dr. Younes Fadakar Alghalandis is a highly skilled practitioner and researcher in the field of DFN Engineering, who brings internationally recognized expertise in both the development and application of DFN solutions.

Prof. Erik Eberhardt, Aug 2016
Director, Geological Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Canada

...This is to certify that Mr. Younes Fadakar Alghalandis worked at this company as "Senior Expert of Exploration", "Director of Field Operations" and "Manager of Exploration" [in] Projects such as "Razan 1:25,000 Exploration Project", "Fahraj 1:100,000 Exploration Project" and "Semnan Economic Geological Studies Project" from 2006 to 2009; and this company is fully satisfied with his performance...

Mr Ghotbi, Jun 2009
PEng, Managing Director, Peyvand Madan Ara Co., Iran,

...I knew Dr Fadakar when he was about 19 years. He was one of our talented diligent people in department of Mining Engineering. With high academic profile as a serious hard worker, research oriented and high potential of analyzing scientific matters. Later he joined as a part time teaching staff to our department. On those days, he was engaged in teaching as well as research work. The potential of work and seriousness that he bears, nowadays we do not observe much among our youngsters.

I wish to see you again in the remembrance of old successful days despite from far distance I am well aware and following your prosperity. I wish you health and success in all aspects of your life...

Prof. Mohammad Jafar Mohammadzadeh, Oct 2016
former Dean, Faculty of Mining Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran.

Dr. Fadakar's strongest points relate to his technical skills and experience obtained by working in diverse academic and industry environments. He has high-level skills in computational programming, computational analysis and software development. As a postdoctoral fellow working at UBC, he carried out state-of-the-art research in the field of stochastic modelling of fracture systems (Discrete Fracture Network, DFN) and he greatly contributed to the development of algorithms for the analysis of DFN connectivity and DFN similarity problems, which are of fundamental importance for a better understanding of rock mass behavior and for the characterization of rock mass strength.

Associate Prof. Davide Elmo, Aug 2016
NBK Mining Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Canada

Dear Distinguished Colleague, Engineer Fadakar,
...I wish you all the success in your future endeavor for your personal development and goals. I hope that we will see you soon after completion of your studies. We will be waiting to very welcome your return to Urmia University of Technology. Here we all will remember our unforgettable collaborations with you...

Prof. Iraj Mirzaee, Jul 2009
President, Urmia University of Technology, Iran

Dear Mr. Younes Fadakar Alghalandis,
...The examiners of your [PhD] thesis made very favourable comments about the quality of your work. It is commendable that your work is held in such high regard and I wish to extend my personal congratulations for such a fine achievement by awarding you a "Dean's Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence".
Again, my congratulations and best wishes for your future endeavours...

Prof. Richard Russel, Jul 2014
Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Graduate Studies, The University of Adelaide, Australia

...a significant component of this research is the coding of 2D and 3D DFNs...

...this research is original in the development of: processes to generate DFNs that are based on original concepts of fracture development, extension and termination; and theories to facilitate the visualisation, quantification and interpretation of network characteristics...

...the original concepts in the current research are those that consider the development and then application of theories on lengths, apertures and connectivity of fractures and how these characteristics influence of the flow of fluids through networks...

...the fundamentals concepts that underlie discontinuity characterisation, fracture development and fluid flow within apertures are complex. Even more complex is the generation of realistic 3D DFNs, simulation of fluid flows within the apertures, and the quantification of the characteristics of the DFN. The candidate's understanding of these concepts is high, sufficiently to put forward and argue alternative theories in relation to the components of the research...

...the thesis is evidence of a sound and compelling study...

Anonymous Prof., Jun 2014
PhD Thesis Examiner

...I found the thesis to be of a high standard displaying both original and critical thought...

...the published journal and conference papers provide a significant contribution to the literature on Discrete Fracture Networks in general...

...a fairly comprehensive coverage of related FNM definitions, terminology and processing techniques is provided...

...the content ranges from background material to insightful and high impact discussions of varied processing techniques and DFN characterisation methods. A modified form of Chapter 6 could make a very good chapter in a book on DFNs or in a review journal paper...

Prof. Doug Stead, Jun 2014
FRBC Chair in Resource Geoscience and Geotechnics, Simon Fraser University, Canada

...Congratulations to the establishment of your own company...
Dr. Younes Fadakar Alghalandis started his PhD study at University of Adelaide in 2011. I was his co-supervisor. He graduated in 2014 and I am very pleased his thesis was awarded the Dean's Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence.

Associate Prof. Chaoshui Xu, Aug 2016
CEME, The University of Adelaide, Australia

...I have read your CV, and your recent paper on DFNs in Computers and Geosciences. Your areas of interest are closely aligned with the work that is being done in my group...

Referring to my paper:

Fadakar-A Y, 2017, ADFNE: Open Source Software for Discrete Fracture Network Engineering, Two and Three Dimensional Applications. Journal of Computers & Geosciences, 102:1-11. DOI: {http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cageo.2017.02.002}

Prof. Robert Zimmerman, Mar 2017
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences

...I am sure that you will do a wonderful work on such academic issues...

Referring to my paper, and ADFNE software, related materials on my website:

Fadakar-A Y, 2017, ADFNE: Open Source Software for Discrete Fracture Network Engineering, Two and Three Dimensional Applications. Journal of Computers & Geosciences, 102:1-11. DOI: {http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cageo.2017.02.002}

Prof. Lanru Jing, Apr 2017
Author of "Fundamentals of Discrete Element Methods for Rock Engineering"