Computational art or an artistic product that roots back into the mind behind, and is then realized by computation; and finally becomes a product to amaze your eyes and mind. It is always refreshing to witness such a peace between the fine nature of human being and senselessness of the computation.

Artworks for you, your loved ones

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Art of Dots (heart beats of mother nature)

Based on advanced sampling schemes recently developed at Alghalandis Computing for specialized applications on surfaces and meshes, an amazing artistic by-product was obtained which shall be called “an art of dots”, “patterns of gorgeousness”, “chaos and order”, “nature talks to you”, “your inner hidden beauty”, “nature’s heart beats” … .

The patterns are all generated by a computer program (code) with no or minimum human supervision. Indeed, the process is entirely unsupervised, I only initially choose a setup and ultimately rank the results.

The artworks may suit every taste and design; there are many options to choose from and an unlimited customization (special) that can be applied.

Your new artwork is waiting for you.


Your illustration can be simple or complex. What you need to remember is that your shapes are to be filled with dots sampled from the heart beats of mother nature. Your illustration need not be prefect, I can help to make it ready: color quantizing, desaturating, filtering, denoising, and basically any sort of image processing needed. ACLib has all built-in.

The process is simple, you provide an illustration (input image), you choose your options, I generate the artwork.

Demonstration Video

Check out some videos of the process on YouTube.

Computational Artworks playlist on YouTube.

From the pattern gallery found here you choose one that you like your illustration to be subject of it. You can choose the dots to be 3D (sphere, cone, half cone, pyramid, …, normal or dense) or 2D (circle, square, triangle, any polygon). You choose a color palette (colormap) from a known standard ones or your fully customized set. You may choose to have outlines, background color (solid, gradient, picture, texture …). You choose the rendering to be shiny. You opt your desired output to be raster image (png, jpg, …) or 3d model (ply, obj, …). For 2d output you can choose resolutions to an extent unheard of (~50000 pixel for width and height, special: even more). You choose the proper resolution entirely based on your need. I work with you to find the best dimensions, if necessary. I can also help to choose a right medium to print on. You can have more customization (special).

You enjoy choosing of many options.

  • Pattern (gallery)
  • Type (sphere, cone, …, dense or normal)
  • Color palette (standard, custom)
  • Additional (outlines, background)
  • Rendering (shiny, …)
  • Raster format (png, jpg, …)
  • Resolution (pixel, mm, cm, m, …)
  • 3D file (ply, obj, …)
  • Special


There are unlimited patterns available. Some of them are well studied with interesting properties known to me. You choose and I explore it and then generate the patterns to your guaranteed satisfaction.

Some of unlimited patterns.

Types (shapes)

Options for your next art work

Even in normal rendering (i.e., top view) the shapes of dots speak for themselves. It is all in your disposal to choose from.

Even more shape options to choose: cylinder, sphere, dodecahedron, octahedron, cube, cone, capsule, icosahedron.
3D shapes express themselves well on the project view for print.


Only an example set of palettes, you may choose any or provide your own.


You can choose from coarser to finer (even finest) setup for your next artwork. The resulting renders will be adjusted to match your need 100%.

Choice of coarse and fine sampling.

Even more choices for different visual impressions.

Special design, Voronoi cells. Cones and spheres.


The high quality rendering allows very large prints possible.

Example of very high resolution rendering of very fine dot size with the file size of 42MB in png format.

Printing and Delivery

You artwork will be printed by a professional Canadian company dedicated to printing fine arts with high quality in materials and the print. The medium of print can be canvas, acrylic, wood, metal etc. The size of print is up to you and can be from 12×12″ to very large sizes. The artwork will be delivered to you, with added zero or minimum shipping cost in North America.

You may check an example format, size and quality details on the partner printing company.

Alghalandis Computing and the printing company guarantee your complete satisfaction with your new artworks.


Thinking about new decoration, adding a catching artwork (with an engineering story), willing to have such an artwork? then, do not hesitate to contact me to start your new project.

I provide you with the artwork. If you choose I can arrange on your behalf printing them (high quality 2d or 3d prints). It is all to put smile on your face or the one you choose. What a fantastic gift this could be!

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