Shape Morphing

The aim of morphing is to modify one shape into another one in a smooth way such that the transition proceeds unrecognizably for intermediate steps. More examples are shown below. And below are video files showing the morphing in action. The transition applied above are all linear. Of course nonlinear transitions could also be applied. Depending on the aims and […]

Shape Sampling Evenly

Curves and shapes of objects, results of process, research, hoppy or any matter of interest often require resampling. The unevenness in the sampling 1D, 2D and nD is often present which usually make the consequence processes uncomfortable! 😉 In the above video the shape of elephant is resampled evenly. A series of runs from 1 sample to 299 samples are […]

Fourier Series: Shape Morphing

Morphing between shapes, one to another, is a really hard task when Fourier series is absent. Utilizing Fourier series for morphing task makes the process not only easy but also close to perfection. Check out below morphing the delta character from lower case to upper case in action. How smooth the transition is.

Fourier Series: Epicycles

Fourier series can be calculated for a given curve (polygon). ACLib includes functions to compute Fourier series on any shapes of any complexity. It works efficiently by utilizing complex numbers in order to represent the coordinates of given polygon (curve) to feed into the Fourier function. The following animation shows the algorithm applied to Alghalandis Computing; it is cropped for […]

Fourier Series of Shapes

In ACLib curves and shapes can easily be fitted by a Fourier series. The complexity of shapes does not matter; however, the curve is assumed to be one. ACLib’s Sample function can sample any curve by the given length or the total number of points. The process applies to the given point set. Examples here are based on the point […]

Routing in Graph

Given an image such as below the goal is to find a shortest route from a coordinate to another coordinate on the image space. The route to follow black pixels. Using distance-weighted minimum cost path (MCP) implemented in ACLib it is quite easy to achieve the goal on any image size. A close-up view of the top-left corner, i.e., the […]

Case: Fake Hiring

Any hiring which is not a true hiring is a fake hiring. A fake hiring is a setup, staged and show. True Hiring A true hiring is always only and only based on merits. Merits include talent, experience and performance, for example. A true hiring considers only true applicants. A true hiring provides a 100% fair competition to all qualified […]

Case: Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the representation of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one’s own original work. Wikipedia “Plagiarism is considered a violation of academic integrity…”. Wikipedia Plagiarism is an offense, wrongdoing, unethical, damaging, and against research integrity; hence its occurrence must be taken seriously without consideration of nationality, gender, age, or any other such attribute. The Case While I […]

Case: Failure to Give Credits

During and after my PDF at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada I supervised, assisted, taught and helped CB, a then master student of EE. However, she did not give any credits to me in her thesis. My reports to her supervisor, and follow ups with UBC officials ended up nowhere! You can download her thesis “Reliability analysis of […]