Done Projects

The modeling of conditional DFN models is an easy task in ADFNE1.5 as there are all tools available for testing intersection between fractures efficiently and for applying termination rules, for example. These examples here were done with a less than a page of code in ADFNE1.5.

Pluri-Gaussian simulations of formations (e.g., reservoir structure) made easy with the help of ADFNE1.5.

The developed codes based on capabilities of ADFNE1.5 works seamlessly on 3D cases as well.

Full setup of reservoir simulation, attempting to couple DFN models with formation structures, flow properties.

Clustering DFN, getting all necessary information from it.

Critically stressed fractures in DFN models.

Layering in formations was modeled successfully.

ADFNE1.5 was examined successfully to model the fluid flow through “curvy” fractures.

It was easy to implement different forms of fractures in the DFN model using ADFNE1.5.