ADEM – Alghalandis Discrete Element Method Code

ADEM is a new code under active development by Alghalandis Computing. ADEM is being developed benefitting from highly efficient platform of Smash. As it progresses, more and more advanced functionality will be implemented. Check out more at ADEM for a number of early demonstrations and simulations: Particle packing Coating Screening (passive) Screening (active) Free fall (by gravity) + obstacle Velocity map […]


Smash provides tools for quality remeshing, to enhance the quality of mesh elements and the whole mesh. Remeshing helps to remove bad elements by replacing them with quality elements. Remeshing can also help to reduce the total number of elements.

Mesh Repairing

Smash can fix many mesh problems (holes, self-intersections, etc.) automatically and manually (customized). The process is fast and reliable. The resulting surface meshes are watertight. The repairing process only modifies bad elements. For filling holes the algorithm follows nearby meshing conditions.

Point Cloud Skinning (Meshing)

Smash creates skin (surface) from a given point cloud by utilizing state-of-the-art techniques. Skinning (surface reconstruction) in Smash works on any simple or complex point cloud. It is fast and reliable.Point clouds without normal vectors are automatically oriented to achieve the best consistent skinning results.