Discrete Fracture Network Engineering (DFNE)

Discrete Fracture Network Engineering (DFNE) is a hyper-concept dealing with fractures in rocks in all aspects. It consists of three main categories: simulations, characterizations and applications. At the core DFNE is empowered by stochastic modeling and analysis. High performance computing (HPC) is a necessity of realistic DFNE studies.

Products by Alghalandis Computing on DFNE

ADFNE 1.0 (1.1) is a base comprehensive DFNE modeling package released to public as open source and free of charge. It has been developed in Matlab. The source code can be found on Github. Read full details at ADFNE 1.0.

ADFNE 1.5 is a truly significant release of ADFNE series with the following features:

  • Fully Generic Code (Smart Code)
  • High Performance
  • Super Easy to Learn and Use
  • Super Extendable
  • Powerful Functions
  • Fully Tested
  • Fully Documented

Read more at ADFNE1.5.

ADFNE2 is a very advanced edition of ADFNE1.5 with plenty of new features, top performance. ADFNE3 is another superior edition based on ADFNE2. Both remain proprietary. These packages can deal with industry scale studies in DFNE.

Read more at ADFNE 2+.