Exploration Engineering

Exploration engineering deals with mineral explorations. It bridges engineering with exploration geosciences.

Products by Alghalandis Computing on Exploration Engineering

Developed in 2000, GEONES is a comprehensive software solution for principal geochemical studies including applied statistics, 2D and 3D modeling, profiles, path finder tables, rational diagrams etc. Briefly, it covers all principals of geochemical exploration as taught at the university for mining exploration engineering and geology students.

  • Beautiful, and optimized GUI
  • Mouse and Keyboard handling
  • Import and Export data and results including tables and charts
  • Print
  • Borehole data analysis in 2D and 3D
  • Internal spread sheet
  • Statistical and Geochemical tables
  • 3D surface (animate), contour map

Read more at Geones.

Developed in 2007, GDPU is a package for analyzing sampling data, that includes the following features:

  • High Performance GUI
  • Scatter Plot
  • Fry Analysis
  • Rose Diagram
  • Fractal Analysis

Read more at Geological Data Processing.

Developed in 2007, Grid Estimator provides a realistic, reliable and accurate estimation map of stream sediment samples. It applies a complex mathematical and statistical approach with regards to spatial connectivity between basins to find more realistic estimation map. It is the only available software which considers the directional dispersion of element contaminant and concentration along rivers and associated basins.

  • Internal data file importer
  • Interactive with AutoCAD document
  • Catching Mouse Events
  • Super Light
  • Portable
  • User Friendly GUI
  • Provides results in two formats: (i) ASCII data file and (ii) Surfer grid file
  • Batch Computing
  • Batch auto-saving the results

Read more at Grid Estimation.

Developed in 2006, FI is a tool to help practitioners and researchers in investigating different innovative methods of estimation (i.e. fuzzy interpolation, enhanced IDW, etc.) applicable for producing map of samples e.g. geochemical samples.

  • Simple and compact GUI
  • Internal spread sheet
  • Internal high quality charts including Scatter Plot, Block Map, 3D Surface
  • Import and Export
  • Portable
  • Descriptive Statistics

Read more at Fuzzy Interpolation.

Developed in 2006, ODM provides a complete solution for ore deposit modeling by application of available descriptive information of the study case. The information is categorized into major groups (i) regional and (ii) local characteristics. A very user-friendly and smartly designed GUI provides the practitioner an opportunity to apply the best combination of available knowledge of the case in order to achieve a realistic and probabilistic list of possible models.

  • Highly smartly designed GUI to get over 1200 descriptive information
  • Save and load sessions
  • Internal secured database of 120 different deposit attributes
  • Export the results as tables
  • Light and Portable

Read more at ODM.