Geostatistics is a branch of spatial statistics which deals with directional variations. It is historically based on computing pairwise variation due to distance i.e., variogram. Simulations are vital parts of modern geostatistical analysis. A geostatistical modeling can be done in 2D or 3D depending on the data availability and goals.

Products by Alghalandis Computing on Geostatistics

Interactive Variogram is a multiplatform simple application for interactively investigation of the response of the variogram to repositioning samples points. It provides innovative method to understand the behavior of the variogram with regards to the changes in sample locations, form of dispersion, and data clusters.

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GOTTSIS is a statistical and geostatistical package which provides descriptive statistics, variography and variogram modeling. If features:

  • Easy to use GUI
  • Portable
  • Internal spread sheet
  • Internal charting system (Scatter Plot, Histogram, Variogram)
  • Model auto-fitting for variogram
  • Activity log

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EGS is the most comprehensive solution for geostatistical analyses including computation of variograms, krigings and simulations etc. It seamlessly provides top computing performance and high quality visualizations all together in one package.


  • 44 functions including all GSLIB’s procedures and statistical and spatial analyses i.e. Descriptive Statistics, Correlation Tables, Distance Analysis, Scatter Plot, Block Map, Histograms, Q-Q Plot, Voronoi Diagram
  • Integrated Charting
  • High Performance
  • Stable
  • Light and Portable

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