Meshing is the geometrical discretization of a complex model into robust and simple elements on which a set of consequent computations and analyses are conducted.
The most common mesh elements are triangle, quadrangle, tetrahedron and hexahedron. Triangular elements are the most robust mesh elements. Indeed, the other mesh elements are often converted in the background into triangle elements. Note that, a tetrahedron is the simplest 3D element, and is practically built out of four triangles.

Meshing and operations on meshes are very complex tasks. The form and shape of the model, its size, its constraints, and the needs of the study add up to the complication of creating meshes, mesh operations, as well as to the computations and analysis on the meshes, and visualization of the meshes.

There are two proprietary | commercial products by Alghalandis Computing on meshing:


A specialized package on meshing for DFN models. Read more at AMESH.


Smash – Smart Meshing is built based on AMESH, and serves as a new branding. Find out more at Smash.

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