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Copyright © 2018, Dr. Younes Fadakar Alghalandis, Alghalandis Computing @
All rights reserved.

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

1) Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
2) Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
3) Name of the Author (copyright holder) cannot be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission.
4) Use of at least one of the following references for citation.
4.1) Fadakar-A Y, 2017, “ADFNE: Open source software for discrete fracture network engineering, two and three dimensional applications”, Journal of Computers & Geosciences, 102:1-11.
4.2) Fadakar-A Y, 2018, “DFNE Practices with ADFNE”, Alghalandis Computing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, {}, pp61.


The Book

DFNE Practices with ADFNE ( << read online )

The Package

ADFNE1.5 Package ( << download ZIP file )

This download includes:
* ADFNE1.5 Package ( all codes )
* The DFNE Practices with ADFNE Book ( pdf file )
* Other documents ( license and more )

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Use the Book ( DFNE Practices with ADFNE ( read online, also note that registered users have a pdf version of the book in the package ) for complete information about every function in ADFNE1.5 package, with example codes for each, with 17+ full programs and many other helpful materials.

Also follow blog posts for ideas, inspiration, code snippets, assistant, developments etc. Visit Code Snippets, for example, for assistance on a missing function (if any), code development etc.

Feel free to contact me for further help, but be patient as I might be too busy with other commitments.

Registered Users
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User Comments

A.A Exeter University, UK
“…Firstly, thank you so much for your contribution to the DFNE research community. I have been both stimulated and inspired…Thank you very much for this highly anticipated product…”
A.A University of Navarre, Spain
“…I collaborate with researchers from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) in the design of efficient solvers for flow problems in discrete fracture networks. I have just discovered your work through your website and I think it is amazing. I would like to download the ADFNE1.5 package in order to test some numerical discretizations for single-phase Darcy flow problems…”
A.B ArcelorMittal, Canada
“…at ArcelorMittal’s Mont-Wright mining complex in the province of Quebec. We are currently looking to change our methods and start developing DFN models. Could it be possible to use your product ADFNE 1.5 so we can test how it would integrate with our other software products…”
A.C Jadavpur University, India
“…I am eager to use your code ADFNE 1.5 as a part of my dissertation work on fracture networks in granite…”
A.C.L Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France
“…working on the simulation of fractured reservoirs. I am eager to use your code ADFNE 1.5 in my thesis, I believe it will be very useful. Thank you for making it available…”
A.H BGE Technology, USA
“…I do agree the license. I am quite new in DFN world and I would like to do a comparison with equivalent continuum approach…”
A.K IIT Roorkee, India
“…I am working on fluid flow simulation in Discrete fracture network model as my M.Tech thesis work. I found your work really helpful and would love to see more of ADFNE1.5 that can boost my knowledge…”
A.L Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
“…I do have plenty of data to use it in my ongoing investigations…”
A.R.G SMEC Pty, Australia
“…Congratulations on your technical achievements and promising products, which I came across recently. I am interested in exploring your DFN package ADFNE1.5. My initial aim is to use ADFNE for personal investigations and research…”
B.B ETH, Switzerland
“…Your model looks very interesting, and I would like to try it out in the context of my PhD…”
B.P Indian Institute of Science, India
“…I want to generate stochastic fracture for my research work. Your matlab code looks promising and I want to give it a try…”
B.S Deakin University, Australia
“…Keen to try your program for Advanced Geomechanics…interested in my students being able to plot their DFNs they have developed from DIPS and visualize what that may look like on a particular excavation face / scanline…”
B.W Louisiana State University, USA
“…I’d like to use ADFNE15 as a pre-processing tool for DFN modeling flow simulation. Thanks for your nice code…”
C.A.A University of Mines and Technology Tarkwa, Ghana
“… I am working on improving mineral resource estimation of structurally controlled deposits using Discrete Fracture Networks and Artificial Intelligence techniques. This is because geostatistics does not do so well in estimating the resources in structurally controlled deposits and for that matter structurally controlled narrow vein deposits, hence this research…”
C.C Rio Grande do Norte University, Brazil
“…thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to make use of ADFNE15.”
C.G Kunming University, China
“…I believe that ADFNE1.5 will be of great help to my research…”
C.J ?
“…I am very intersted in the study of ADFNE and hope I can test the cool program in the future…”
“…I really appreciated your Computers & Geosciences paper “ADFNE: Open source software for discrete fracture network engineering, two and three-dimensional applications”. You did a very impressive work. Congratulations. I think that it can really help researchers in further development on this item involving DFN generations…The main research topic of this thesis is the realization of the flow modeling in a 3D fractured (carbonate) rock formation located about 30 km inland from the Adriatic Sea coast, near the touristic caves of the Castellana Grotte (Bari), in southern Italy. This model will be supported by field investigations and tracer tests. …to allow my student to work with your open-source ADFNE, as I believe it is a power tool that very suitable in this study…”
C.T Southwest Petroleum University, China
“…I am very honored by your generous help. ADFNE is so useful to my research,and I hope that we can exchange our ideas and view in fracture network modeling at any time in future…”
C.T University of Calgary, Canada
“…Recently, I have been engaged in the research of discrete fracture modeling. Your work has impressed me deeply…”
C.Y China University of Geosciences, China
“…I am engaged in research on hydraulic fracturing. I am very interested in the ADFNE program you developed. I want to use it to generate DFN for my own research…”
D.E.B.R Mexican Institute of Petroleum, Mexico
“…I’m Interested on using ADFNE 1.5 software. I’m working with fractures on digital outcrop models and I want to construct DFN’s…”
D.F Hokkaido University, Japan
“…preparation of topological data with DFN is one of the most challenging part and then I found your excellent work, ADFNE…”
D.G TU Darmstadt, Germany
“…about the application of DFN models in applied geosciences. I am very interested in using your software for this purpose…”
D.H UT Austin, USA
“…currently working on Digital Rock Petrophysics and came across your paper. We are working on a project related to the automated reconstruction of fracture networks. It would by highly beneficial if we could have access to your package and see the source code…”
D.K Tongji University, China
“…our scientific research team are doing some research on numerical simulation and discrete fracture network model of rock engineering. ADFNE is a wonderful tool that can completely meet our needs and will give us great help…”
D.L Beijing Jiaotong University, China
“…interested in simulating the perfomance of an EGS with a DFN model…”
D.L Beijing Jiaotong University, China
“…studying the coupled THM in rocks with randomly distributed fractures. I have learned the algorithms of functions in ADFNE 1.5 and understood the fluid flow through backbones for 3D DFN models. The desire to figure out the flow through fracture surfaces makes me interested…”
D.L China University of Mining and Technology, China
“…majoring the mining engineering… I have read the paper named “ADFNE: Open source software for discrete fracture network engineering, two and three dimensional applications” in detail. The work is wonderful. Now I want to develop a 3-d fracture continuum model based on the 3-d discrete fracture model…”
D.L China University of Petroleum Beijing, China
“…I am focusing on the transport character of fracturing water in hydraulic fractures and natural fractures in shale formation, and I encountered great difficulties in the capture and reconstruction of the fracture characteristics. I investigated a lot of literature and surprisingly founded ADFNE1.5 and works done based on this fantastic software; I’m totally impressed by your excellent programming skills your selflessness and the feature-rich and powerful function of the software…”
D.N UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“…I’m interested in learning ADFNE15 software…”
D.P Shandong University, China
“…My research direction is the fracture seepage. Your work is really awesome and it’s very helpful for me. Thank you for making this code available…”
D.S Energy Ministry, Kazakhstan
“…First of all, thank you for the grateful job of coding DFN…Thank you again for doing such a great job modeling DFN and permission to use your code…”
D.X China University of Geoscience, China
“…Your work is so perfect and I want to get…”
D.Y Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
“…currently working in natural fractures, with particular interest in the field methods. However, one PhD student will begin modelling our data, and we have interest in trying your code (ADFN), given we have some experience with matlab…”
D.Z China University of Petroleum, China
“…working on the geothermal simulation problem for a year. I recently read your paper and find your website of the AFDNE…”
D.Z University of Tirana, Albania
“…It is very true the state of art that You have written the program ADFNE-1.5…I agree totally with your phrase “Some of the capabilities in personal editions are unique, not seen in any package, commercial or other“…”
E.D.S PSM, Australia
“…I’d be very keen to explore its capabilities and apply to hydrogeological problems…”
F.F Dezab, Iran
“…It’s my pleasure using your software for one of real and important Arch Dam projects…”
F.M University of Talca, Chile
“…I want to use your program ADFNE 1.5 for research, …and i´m studying about DFN and their applications in mining…”
F.O Louisiana State University, USA
“…would like to get the latest version of ADFNE for research in the area of 3D modeling of natural fractures, I have used ADFNE1.5 to generate fractures for reservoir simulation of naturally-fractured shale-gas reservoirs…”
F.S Geological Survey, Belgium
“…I was impressed with the speed in which it generated fracture networks…”
F.S Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
“…would like to use ADFNE 1.5 for teaching and research purpose…”
F.X Wuhan University, China
“…My research interests are nonlinear flow in fracture media. recently, your article ‘ADFNE Open source software for discrete fracture network engineering’ is impressed by me. It’s altruistic of you to share your software for free…”
G.L Mining & Technology University, China
“…Many thanks for your exciting work of ADFNE…”
G.P Geotehnicki Studio, UK
“…I’am interested in ADFINE software for research in the context of rockfall…”
H.C Ecole National School of Mining of Annaba, Algeria
“…after a small research that I led on Internet, I found your web site ” “. …we undertook a research project which is the scale effect on the mechanical properties of the rock and principally on the underground mines pillars stability. it is impossible for us to measure the resistance of the underground pillars, it is for this we used the Gaussian sequential simulation (SGS) to generate auto-correlated matrix of resistance. after that we have to affect simulated pillar with fractures in order to reduce its resistance and estimate the probability of its failure and then approximate how long will hold stable…”
H.O Shiraz University, Iran
“…I need to ADFNE1.5 code for generate a random channel network in two dimensional…”
H.S, ?
“…I have been following your DFN work lately. I am looking to learn more about DFN and … I want to apply this to my research on groundwater modeling…”
H.U.R Louisiana State University, USA
“…For my research project. I would like to have the registration of ADFNE1.5…”
H.W University of California, USA
“…I am interested in learning your ADFNE1.5 Package…”
J.C Hunan University of Science and Technology, China
“…My research direction is rock mechanics…I read your papers and papers. I think ADFNE tools will help me a lot. Thank you for sharing this package with us. Your job is excellent and all the code and packages are meaningful…”
J.C Northeastern University, China
“…Your work is amazing…”
J.C Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile
“…I wish to use your software to explore the physics of fluid migration through fracture networks. Currently I’m working on observed fracture networks in the south of Chile…”
J.L Northeastern University China
“…Thank you very mech for kindly providing ADFNE1.5 in your website. This work is very helpful for me…”
J.L University of Queensland, Australia
“…First of all, thank you very much for your outstanding work. ADFNE 1.0 and 1.5 gave me a lot of inspiration and help, and I also cited your papers in my work…”
J.M Petroleum University, China
“…Thank you very much for your work, which is very helpful to carry out relevant research based on the discrete fracture model…”
J.N Sao Paulo State University, Brazil
“…my subject of study is groundwater in fractured aquifers, involving flow modeling. I read your work (Fadakar A Y, 2017) and the applicability of ADFNE software caught my attention…”
J.O.V.T National University of Saint Anthony the Abbot in Cuzc, Peru
“…The software will be used to start evaluating the RQD, obtained through detail lines & Simulation is a fundamentally comparative study that is related to geostatistical aspects. I appreciate the opening for your suggestions in this regard. I would like the emblem (Shield) of my university to appear in your list of the many it has.
J.S Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
“…I am pursuing my PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in Engineering Geology. I want to use this software for my research work. I would be thankful…”
J.T University of Western Australia
“…My research field is reservoir simulation for unconventional gas recovery…”
J.W Melbourne University, Australia
“…Good to see your amazing work on ADFNE1.5…”
L.D Shenyang Liaoning, China
“…I am currently majoring in mining engineering and would like to learn and use your ADFNE 1.5…”
L.J Nanjing University, China
“…I am very interested about your excellent work. Recently, I downloaded your matlab code about ADFNE version1.5…”
L.M University of Campinas, Brazil
“…I have as an idea for my research the analysis of faults and fractures in carbonate reservoirs of the Santos Basin…”
L.X Jiaotong University, China
“…it is a very excellent software in modelling the joint network. Thanks for your development…”
L.Z Southwest Petroleum University, China
“…I noticed that my classmates were using this software.I think this software is particularly useful for my major…”
M.A.M University of Cagliari, Italy
“…I am studying coastal landslides and I would like to use your softwere to build the DFN…”
M.C Geologist, Freelance
“…many compliments for your works…I’m interested in developing my master degree thesis using the code…”
M.M University of Science and technology of technology, China
“…I came across your wonderful paper about modeling fracture network and fluid flow through the fracture network. I would wish to use it for modeling fluid flow through fracture network (Hydraulic and Natural fractures) for a typical unconventional reservoir having a horizontal well and hence estimate the gas/oil production output…”
M.M University of Milano Bicocca, Italy
“…working on DFN modeling using outcrop data. I’m testing different software. I will be happy to have the possibility to try also your code…”
M.O.K Johannes-Gutenberg Universitat, Germany
“…studying fluid-flow within fractured-porous media. Currently, I am developing an approach to generate Equivalent Continuum Models (ECM) of DFN’s, that take flow localization within fracture intersections into account. For that, I am heavily interested in using your ADFNE 1.5 software, as it enables to calculate Intersection within a DFN…”
M.R.K Amir Kabir University of Technology, Iran
“…I am working on structural modelling base on the joint mapping and drillhole data and trying to find the relationship between fractures and mineral deposit focus on Miduk porphyry copper mine as my Phd thesis. I could read your articles about Fracture modelling, and I have interested to your specific package to fracture modelling, “ADFNE”…”
M.R.N.J Pimenta de Avila Consultoria, Brazil
“…I appreciate your availability in releasing the use of the software…”
M.Z SCT, Australia
“…Thanks for sharing this package…You are doing a great job, all your codes and packages are interesting and covering wide range of applications…”
O.A.R Universidad Nacional De Colombia, Colombia
“…Clearly, I will give you all the credits for your huge job…”
P.C El Teniente Mine, Chile
“…I’m a mining engineer in “El Teniente Mine” and I want to learn something about discrete modelling and for this purpose I need to learn about DFN…”
“…to explore issues revolving around synthetic fracture sets with respect to the presence/absence of spatial correlation…”
P.P.C University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
“…currently using the DFN implemented in XXXX and it seems you[r] code has much more capabilities. I hope I can test it soon…”
P.Z Poyry, Sweden
“…am working now as a rock engineering consultant and had experience in using XXXX for jointed rock mass analysis with deterministic joint set inputs during my research work before…”
Q.L University of Sydney, Australia
“…am doing the research of cracked concrete…”
Q.M University of Waterloo, Canada
“…I would like to use ADFNE in hydraulic fracture…”
R.M SKB, Sweden
“…I am curious about your code. Funny, I initiated a similar thing but never had the time to finish it. Happy to see that its finally done, and better than what I would have…”
R.M.F University of Padjadjaran, Indonesia
“…I am currently working on my research about fluid dynamics and I am really interested of using your fracture network as a geometry for it. I’m really looking forward into your reply…”
S.D North Dakota University, USA
“…First of all, thanks you so much for sharing your research…working on thesis which is related to the characterization and modeling of naturally fractured reservoir… I hope that you and your software will help me with that…”
S.D Petroleum University, China
“…Before I have read a lot of your papers and benefited a lot…”
S.G Mining & Technology University, China
“…I am going to studying the acoustical response on DFN rocks, and I found your software can construct fractured rock samples…”
S.G.M University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
“…I really appreciate your work. I’m starting a master degree course at University of Sao Paulo in water reservoir in fractured rock masses and I really want to learn how your program works…”
S.L China University of Petroleum, China
“…I appreciate your hard work! I am very interested in ADFNE1.5…”
S.P PT Freeport, Indonesia
“…Thanks a lot for the DFN Engineering. It really help me to do some analysis related my work in mining sector…”
S.Q Wuhan Institute, China
“…Congrats for the updates on ADFNE1.5. Your jobs are very excellent. I am paying close attention to your researches including your thesis and papers. I will utilize ADFNE tools into my researches…”
S.R SRK Consulting Kolkata, India
“…It seems you’ve done a great job. ..My fracture data source is primarily UAV based photogrammetry data that we process for obtaining structural geological data…”
S.Z ETH Zurich, Switzerland
“…currently working on the DFN within fault zones. Your excellent work on the DFNE really inspires me a lot…”
T.K ?
“…I have been trying to work on a coupled flow and geomechanics model for hydraulic fracturing where I intend to incorporate discrete natural fractures and study the interaction of hydraulic fracturing…”
T.W Calgary University, Canada
“…I think ADFNE would be a very valuable tool for my project and would like to use it…”
T.Y Westlake University, China
“…I saw your paper and found your software “ADFNE” 1.5 version can be used for free…”
V.G University of Barcelona, Spain
“…I came across your research publications and your DFN work, pretty impressive. I am currently researching the effect of natural fractures in tight rock and its effect on production using discrete element methods as part of my PhD work…”
V.L Belgrade University, Serbia
“…I am curious about testing your ADFNE code…”
V.S Advisian, USA
“…I wanted to say thanks for making such cool software publically available…”
V.S Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
“…The main field of interest is an estimation of rock massifs and its fractures using the methods of the structural geology and tectonophysic. Your approach looks very interesting and I want to be more familiar with it…”
W.C Imperial College London, UK
“…I have learned your fantastic research in one of your papers (Alghalandis, Y. F. (2017). ADFNE: open source software for discrete fracture network engineering, two and three dimensional applications. Computers & Geosciences, 102, 1-11). I am doing some research works related to utilising microseismic events to reconstruct the DFN, so as to estimate the diffusion range of the fluid injection. In this case, I am very interested in your work relevant to ADFNE 1.5…”
W.K.R.B Douglas Partners, Australia
“…as a Geotechnical engineer. I’m also completing my masters at UNSW – for which I’m interested in the program…”
W.Z Khalifa University of Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia
“…I read your paper about ADFNE and find it very helpful…”
X.H Hefei University of Technology, China
“…my major is Environmental geology, I am very interested in your great job on the DFN, and I am try to doing someting in this field…”
X.H Khalifa University of Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia
“…focusing on permeability up-scaling for DFNM. Recently my advisor recommends me to learn from ADFNE. And I really appreciate your effort on this amazing work and hopefully get your support on it…”
X.L China University of Petroleum, China
“…my study is carbonate rock physics…”
X.W Zhejiang University, China
“…It [ADFNE1.5] would be great help…”
X.X University of Strathclyde, UK
“…working on numerical modelling of rock fracture. I read your paper “ADFNE: Open source software for discrete fracture network engineering, two and three dimensional applications” which is quite meaningful for my study…”
Y.C Tsinghua University, China
“…my major is the mining engineering, and the geothermal extraction is my focus. Now I need the ADFNE to simulate the extraction process during the geothermal exploitation…”
Y.D Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
“…I’ve read your paper about ADFNE. Great work! I am trying to simulate hydraulic interference tests in DFN…”
Y.F Mining Technology University, China
“…Thank you for your contribution to the research of fracture network…”
Y.L Chengdu University of Technology, China
“…I am very amazed that such a software can be so convenient to build a three-dimensional model. You are wonderful!It is very helpful for my research…”
Y.L Texas A&M University, USA
“…currently working on fractured oil & gas reservoirs modeling. …your well known code for fracture network generation…”
Y.Z Tianjin University I would like to try ADFNE 1.5
Z.Y Chengdu University of Technology, China
“…You’ve done an amazing thing…”
Z.Y Potsdam University, Germany
“…This program is so great. I really want to experience it…”

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