Smash – Smart Meshing

Smash is an advanced and comprehensive meshing package based on AMESH. Smash is significantly innovative and unique in many ways compared to any other existing meshing tools. Smash delivers high performance functionalities, state-of-the-art operations, and top-class visualizations. Smart is a thing in Smash. Smash is a proprietary package; for any interest please use the Contact form. In the following 16 pages, a set of demonstrations of capabilities of Smash are presented.

Download Smash demo catalogs: Catalog Set 1 and Catalog Set 2.

Mesh Visualization

  • Smash delivers advanced high quality visualizations for all sort of meshes regardless of their size and complexity.
  • Smash provides a large set of built-in shadings (e.g., diffuse, x-ray, normal, and noise); it also allows to import external standard shaders; it provides facilities to define user shader and to apply it to the visualizations with ease, as well.
  • Smash provides easy export of visualizations as high quality still images as well as GIF animations and videos.
  • Smash provides automatic (and adjustable) fly-in-and-out feature with smart camera view and path settings.

Mechanical Part

Cast of Teeth,
Health Sciences

Murex Romosus,

Dragon and Bunny meshes are from “The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository“. Carburetor, Cast of Teeth, Gear, Scallop, Murex Romosus, Hubcap, Turbine and Xenophora meshes are from Artec Group inc.

Example Predefined Shaders;
Smash provides easy-to-use interface to define user shaders.

Visualizations and shading work seamlessly in full consistency in Smash.
Left: Mine and Normal shadings are applied.
Right: Normal shading and mesh visualization with edges are merged.

Also by Alghalandis Computing:

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